Elisa Suñer, Scientific Corporate Advisor de MartiDerm Group GEDEFAF NATIONAL COMPOUNDING FORMULA AWARD 2023

Toledo recently hosted the 11th Scientific Conference of the Spanish Group of Dermatologists and Formulating Pharmacists where pharmacist Elisa Suñer and dermatologist Dr Lola Bou obtained the GEDEFAF National Compounding Formula Award 2023 for their contribution to the study and development of a new pharmaceutical form indicated in the treatment of androgenic alopecia and telogen effluvium.

Premio Elisa

A compounding formula is a type of individualised medicine where the doctor prescribes and the pharmacist prepares a custom treatment for each patient. The Gedefaf.org portal brings together doctors and pharmacists to optimise compounding formulas through close partnerships. Every year at its scientific meeting, knowledge is shared and information exchanged on new dermatological treatments that can be made using compounding formulas, while also enriching the www.gedefaf.org portal with new content. 

Elisa Suñer represents Farmacia Marti Tor,), where she trained and spent a large part of her professional career as a developer of tailored prescription drugs. The Marti Tor Pharmacy, founded by Jose Marti Tor in 1952 and currently under the ownership of Xavier Marti Mas, is one of the leading compounding formula pharmacies in Spain, where the formulations are prepared for oral and topical administration in different pharmaceutical forms and pivoted to patient needs with the highest quality required by the health authorities.

Elisa Suñer also speaks at numerous compounding courses for dermatologists and pharmacists. She has been the technical director of Laboratorio Martiderm for more than 25 years and is currently the scientific corporate advisor at the MartiDerm Group. 

For her part, Dra. Lola Bou, specialist in medical-surgical dermatology and venereology in Barcelona, has a private practice in Sant Gervasi-Galvany and extensive professional expertise. Her knowledge and proven track record have seen her join a number of different national and international scientific societies and actively engage in presenting papers and conferences at more than 300 congresses. She has been a board member of the Spanish Academy of Dermatology, holding various positions over 21 years.

Her longstanding experience in trichology and hair disorders, as well as innovative treatments in this wide group of pathologies, have made her a current benchmark. Acne and sexually transmitted diseases are prominent pathologies in her practice. The area she works on most, however, is forging a close bond with patients, aware that skin diseases cause anxiety and anguish with their highly visible nature. Dr Bou is also a regular contributor to press, radio and television outlets.